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An architecture office's "project system" is more often than not an accounting or time tracking tool with a poor "project module" slapped on to it for good measure. It cares a lot more about annual accounting, rather than actually giving project managers insight in project economy and available resources.

Project manager:
"How much do I have left in my budget?"
"Project system":
"Who knows?"
How do I find out I've been invited?
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  • Project manager: "How much do I have left in my budget?"
  • Project member: "How many hours can I spend on this?"
  • Financial manager: "Have our invoices been paid?"
  • Resource manager: "Who's available to work in this project?"
  • Quality responsible: "Have we completed all regulatory steps?"

Accounting/time tracking tool with "project module": "Who knows..?"

Typically, you can also forget about planning your resources in it, so you're stuck a disconnected, separate tool (hi, Excel...). Frankly, it doesn't really care about project management, it cares about company accounting - about lump sums in the end of the month/quarter/year.

No project insight. No cost analysis. No relevant data that can help you make qualified decisions about the progress of your current project and how to prioritise future ones.

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