Take control of your projects & resources

All essential operational tools gathered in a unified interface, making project management effortless for both employees and managers.

Moment saves our clients countless hours on project management, that would otherwise be wasted on manual tasks spread across disconnected tools.
Over 250 Nordic architecture firms manage their projects and resources in Moment. We also serve a wide variety of communication and design agencies, advisory engineers and IT-consultants
In Moment, resources can be planned on several levels as needed. Be it on projects, sub-projects, activities, tasks, per person, per role, per week or per day. In other words, your can create the planning routines that best suit your business and employees.

Moment works to help you create an optimal workflow. Our Project Plan has been developed in close collaboration with our customers, who actively use it to get more out of their human resources in offices spread all over the world in different time zones, currencies, and cultures.
Resource Planning
Projects, Co-workers & Reports
We understand that transparency and good insight helps to provide any organization with a solid bottom line. Moment gives you a precise, real-time overview of profitability, both on projects and individual employees.

And our open API allows you to Pivot or expose data to Tableau, Power BI, Google Data Studio and any BI tool of your choice.
Flexible budgets & pricing
Moment provides you with an advanced Offers module to create, send, and see offers approved all in the same place. Data gets transferred into the project by the click of a button.

Combine hourly rate and fixed-price pricing in the same project and predefine any upcoming price adjustments. Project managers can easily define non-billable time for an accurate overview of billable and banked hours, as well as resources and expenses.

Moment is your CRM
Moment's goal is to allow you to improve business relationships and the customer experience while increasing sales and profitability.

When adding corporate customers, Moment fetches updated data automatically from national registries so you can save time.

Projects are linked to customers to enable invoicing and statistics on customer level. You can manage interactions by adding notes, files, e-mail correspondence with customers and potential customers to the system.
Time tracking on time
With Moment, co-workers can register their hours in less than 30 seconds on desktop or mobile, making it easy for project managers to report correct details to financial officers and clients.
Invoicing from Moment
Moment has an interconnected system for budgets, expenses, time tracking and invoicing. This makes manual invoice creation a thing of the past.

Customize the invoice design according to your needs, approve invoices internally, specify detailed invoicing preferences on project, customer, or company level.

As a bonus, we'll export invoice data to your accounting system of choice. No more time wasted on manual transfers.
+40 Integrations
Integrations are an important, business-critical part of all Moment's deliveries. Integrations allow you to get the most out of your systems by seamlessly connecting them with each other.

Moment integrates with a multitude of external systems, such as: Accounting, Salary, HR, QA, CRM, Development and Business Intelligence. Our team and highly competent developers have quality experience integrating to external systems.

We support integrations by File import and export, real-time REST API and Webhooks.
Quality Management System
Moment's quality assurance system includes tools for registering and handling nonconformities, checklists, identification of requirements, risk assessment, routines, goal definition and evaluations.

These tools are tightly integrated into projects, but optional to use. We believe it is a great advantage to have tools to perform quality assurance work in the same system as other operational activities, because it involves and engages employees, increases use, and provides better transparency in the organization.
We help you work effectively
For over 35 years we have specialized in software solutions for consultants and project-based businesses.
Work on any device
Moment's interface is responsive by design.

Access your projects anywhere, anytime, on any device with internet capabilities.
Simple and efficient interface
A simple and intuitive user interface for easy use, regardless if you have a financial background or not.

Our focus is making a user friendly system for all users, whether you have basic or total access.
Customize your workflow
Moment offers flexibility to support how you want to work, with a variety of interconnected features. Our goal is to meet the operational needs of project-oriented businesses.
Global, multi-entity support
Offices in multiple countries and currencies? Distributed team across the globe?

Moment's multi-entity company structure allows you to seamlessly share projects, resources, and so much more.
The reports you need
Create tailored reports without limits.

Our powerful built in reporting allows for the customization of countless reports, fields and tags. Get a real-time overview of your productivity and project economy.
Future proofed integrations
Integrate with your accounting system, CRM, HR, or apps. We integrate with +40 services.

Integrating new services is easy through our open ReST API, Webhooks or file imports & exports.
Do you have a question or would you like a personal tour of Moment?
Our dedicated team is always ready to answer any questions, discuss your operational needs or give you a detailed demo of Moment.