Case Study
E/S-A Arkitekter
How a Swedish specialist in apartment buildings and urban planning uses Moment to boost their projects.

We sat down with project coordinator Maria Rådestad, who also works with finances and HR, to find out what impact Moment has had on their day to day operations.

By: Sturla Røysland
Maria Rådestad
Project Coordinator
E/S-A Arkitekter
Now, I click one single button to generate all invoice drafts.
This saves me several days work!
The essence of E/S-A
E/S-A Arkitekter is a Stockholm-based architecture office of 25 employees, specialising in apartment buildings and urban planning. Since 1962, the practice has contributed to both housing and societal development in Sweden.

They work with everything from property developers to contractors and are involved in all projects phases, from early sketches to building permits to construction documents.

The office has a unique, iterative work process, which they have developed and are carefully optimising. They also take a stand for the idea that architecture should be both attractive and possible to build

"We always work together with our clients, to achieve their goals and the goals of the end-user, and we strive to develop well-functioning buildings that work both architecturally, technically and financially."
Their past struggles
Maria tells us how their previous system was not keeping up with current development, and how it was fraught with bugs and lacked user-friendliness.

"My workdays largely consisted of waiting for a cog-wheel to finish spinning and hopefully end up on the correct page after pressing a button."

Time tracking was complicated, partly because they could not report hours by phone. There were also sporadic problems with extracting salary data.

“A lot of complaints were coming from the office, for instance when coworkers had locked their timesheet and then, all of a sudden, everything was gone.”

E/S-A had long since realised that they needed a new system.

"In the end, there were just too many issues, and we could not trust the system anymore."
What they needed

E/S-A needed a solution that was fast and problem-free, with a good planning tool and the ability to get the reports they need. It also had to be user friendly, simple and intuitive, and work on mobile devices.

Moment is a project and resource management solution developed specifically for architects. It gathers essential operational tools in one system and makes it easy to plan, manage, measure, and follow up projects and resources.

As technology is getting faster and better, Moment’s users expect a system that’s both fast, easy and flexible to use. We have made this a key focus area so that our clients can quickly finish their tasks within Moment and rather focus on their main expertise.


Why they chose Moment

We got in touch with E/S-A in the start of 2019. After a couple of presentations, Maria and her coworkers finally made the move and started using Moment that same fall.

As it turns out, they were also considering a competing system, but in the end, chose Moment due to some compelling reasons.

"The main reason we decided on Moment, was that we saw that you are so focused on architects - you know how architects work, and the system feels tailored to our needs. We realised that the resource planning tool would help us plan our projects in a simple way."

"There were no problems at all

- it just worked"

- Maria Rådestad

The transition
Mid-October 2019, we imported all of E/S-A's historical data from their old system and flew out to have a full day of training at their offices in Stockholm.

Maria describes the transition to Moment as a lot easier than she expected.

“There were no problems at all - it just worked."

As with all new clients, questions arose in the weeks following the onboarding. However, this was handled perfectly, according to Maria.

"You have been very responsive and helpful with all of our questions. We’re all very satisfied"
How Moment helped
Transitioning to Moment has given Maria and E/S-A a lot of benefits. By far, project planning is where Moment has made the biggest impact. Project managers now have more autonomy to plan resources and analyse time records.

“This gives them better insight with regards to resources and financial follow-up.”

Equally important, invoicing is now a breeze, with a few key clicks and very smooth electronic invoicing. Before, Maria had to through 8 steps to generate one single invoice.

“Now, I click one single button to generate all invoice drafts. This saves me several days work!".

Maria also reveals that not having to answer coworker's complaints about a system that doesn't work the way it should is a big relief.

"Before, I had to wait all day just for the system to respond. Moment works, fast.”

Choosing a business system that works for E/S-A, rather than against them, has given the office a much-needed boost in efficiency and reduction of non-billable hours and stress levels.

"Moment helps us focus on the things we want to do, what we're good at - drawing houses and urban planning."
The Road Ahead
When asked what the future have in store, Maria had this to say:

"We're going to keep doing what we're doing, just better. Keep developing, keep working on our process and keep creating great living spaces."

Stockholm, Sweden
25 employees
Since 1962


Apartment buildings
Urban planning


Since October 2019

  • Project planning
  • Resource management
  • Time tracking
  • HR and absence
  • Invoicing