Quality assurance
New possibilities with shared checklists in Moment
by Helene Svelle
Example of real usage
from HR manager
"The key was to structure the activities, and make the checklist as close to the real situation as possible"
Our HR manager, Marit Lauritzen, has a set of tasks and routines that she needs to go through when onboarding new people in the company. Most of these activities are based on tacit knowledge; knowledge done on "autopilot" based on previous experience and best practice in the HR area.

She realized that structuring these activities in a checklist would be beneficial when it came to:

1. Ensure that all necessary steps were covered
2. Make sure the new employee got the right information
3. Document the process
Prepare and adjust the content
Create a template
Created a checklist template in Moment and named it "Checklist for onboarding new employees". For this template, she chose to activate the Control column as default. This control column was used for the employee, so that he could check off each check item himself.
Create a project and add a checklist
She opened a project in Moment (we already had "Internal project HR 2020"), and went into the menu item Quality assurance > Checklists. Here, she added a new checklist based on the template she just created. The checklist was named "Onboarding - [employee name]". This naming will make it easy to get an overview, since there will be a collection of many checklists in this internal project.
Adjust the content
In the checklist, she adjusted the content, for example removed not relevant check items or added comments relevant for the new employee.
Structure the content
She structured the check items into three sections: "Preparation", "Admin" and "Training". She also added links to relevant documents for each checkpoint, so useful information was easily accessible for the new employee as well as the one responsible for the process.
First day
When the new employee arrived for his first day, Marit went through one of the sections with the employee. He logged into his own newly created Moment account and accessed the checklist.

As they went through the checklist items, they both marked items as completed. Moment strives to offer a high level of traceability in the system, so each "check" was logged with the current date and name.

Front matter, or preliminaries, is the first section of a book, and is usually the smallest section in terms of the number of pages. Each page is counted, but no folio or page number is expressed, or printed, on either display pages or blank pages.
Ready to give it a try?
You can easily create your own checklist templates under Quality management in Moment (you need to have the access as quality manager or company administrator).

When you are in a project, go to Quality assurance > Checklists. Create a new checklist from scratch, or choose among your templates or shared templates.

I'm not sure how to get started
Moment user
I have so many ideas and routines in my head and in several document archives.
You can try one of my checklist?
In your project; add "new checklist based on a template," and find my checklist in the list of shared templates. Make sure you adjust the content to your own company.
Great, I will give it a try!
Moment user
Key take-aways
Examples of checklist templates
  • Contract signing (all industries)
  • Handling salaries (all industries)
  • Handover from project owner to project manager (all industries)
  • Building application (architects and engineers)
  • Deployment of code deliveries (tech)
  • Ensure all regulatory requirements are fulfilled, for example TEK17 (architects and engineers)