Show your Moment data in Power BI and Google Data Studio Dashboards
by Helene Svelle and Rubén Romero

PowerBI and Google Data Studio are great tools for visualization and reporting of data, especially if you want to combine data from different data sources! Moment can be one of many data sources they want to fetch data from.

Powering your Power BI Dashboard with Moment

To get this up you need the following details:

  1. Create a new data connection in PowerBI of type "web", that returns JSON data. In this data connector, enter the endpoint that you want to fetch data from, for example "/customers" + credentials.
  2. Connect to the sandbox environment. To see all our public available endpoints: (you need to be logged in)
  3. We also have a lot of other endpoints, and we can assist finding the correct endpoint if needed.
  4. The person that makes the connection needs to enter credentials, as mentioned in step 1. We recommend using credentials that belong to an external user (free), not connect it to anyone's employee account. This user will get an API-key from Moment.
  5. As soon as you have the connection, you will be able to load big amounts of data. These data can be combined with other datasets you might also load in the same project. Then choose any graph types / styles that you want to use. It is mainly drag & drop and each graph has a lot of customization opportunities.
  6. Any person working in PowerBI must make sure he/she has a plan for what to present, because it easily gets a lot of data and a lot of settings. You must also consider how often you would like to update data from the data source (settings in PowerBI).
  7. If you have an enterprise version of PowerBI, you can publish graphs and reports into websites, for example intranet-solution, or another hosted solutions.

Connecting Google Data Studio with Moment

To get this up you need the following details:

  1. ?

Hopefully this will get you started when creating dashboards for Moment. However, we are happy to make endpoints available so that external systems, such as PowerBI or Google Data Studio can help you to get the most out of your valuable company data.

We have many customers using these tools today, and even more customers curious about this. If you have questions get in touch.